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15 August
Comments Off on Why has the Hayne Plane vanished from the radar?

Why has the Hayne Plane vanished from the radar?

A year ago, Jarryd Hayne was on the radar of almost every NRL club after he abandoned his American football dream. But the past week, with almost every off-contract NRL player linked to rival clubs, has highlighted just how far Hayne has fallen from grace since his return to rugby league.
Nanjing Night Net

Not one club has signalled an interest in Hayne. Not publicly, anyway. The Bulldogs and Roosters are on the lookout for a fullback, while the Dragons and Tigers might need a new No.1 – yet still no mention of Hayne. It wasn’t that long ago that Hayne was the most sought-after athlete in the country. His stint with the San Francisco 49ers saw him become a national hero, but his reputation has since taken a battering following the concerns over his attitude that were highlighted at the start of the season.

He still hasn’t decided whether to take up an option to remain at the Gold Coast next year for $1.2million – but it seems as though his options have dwindled down to the Titans and French rugby. This column first mentioned at the start of the season that Parramatta had no interest in luring the prodigal son home, scarred by Hayne’s decision to turn his back on the club to sign a lucrative deal with the Titans last year.

The Roosters and Bulldogs were once keen on Hayne, but that interest has diminished. And it’s unlikely the Tigers will pursue him because his attitude towards training won’t sit well with new coach Ivan Cleary. Granted, his injury has prevented him the opportunity to put himself in the shop window, but his reputation in rugby league circles has taken a battering.

He is expected to return from injury in two to three weeks, just in time for a last-minute audition for an Origin return. Blues coach Laurie Daley wants to pick him. He knows just how instrumental he can be for NSW. However, they are waiting for Hayne to give them a reason to pick him.

Graham deal breaker?

We mentioned last week that Newcastle had identified James Graham as a recruitment target, with the Bulldogs looking to offload their skipper to accommodate the potential arrival of James Tedesco and Aaron Woods at Belmore.

Only problem for Canterbury is that the Englishman is on a heavily back-ended deal worth close to $1m for 2018. While Graham has plenty of qualities that will benefit a team like Newcastle or the Wests Tigers, there is no way any club will pay anywhere near seven figures for the prop.

It’s interesting to note that Graham has a close relationship with Knights chief executive Matt Gidley from their playing days together at St Helens in the English Super League. The Knights missed out on Matt Scott and will make a big play at Graham – although the decision of Woods and Tedesco will have a bearing on where he plays next year. Graham won’t jump. He’ll have to be pushed.

Moses may have to wait

Parramatta are expecting Mitchell Moses to be released after this Monday’s game against the Tigers. And the likelihood is that will happen, which will coincide with the return of Luke Brooks from a hamstring injury for the Tigers.

However, a number of Tigers officials insist it’s not a done deal and there’s still a possibility Moses finishes the season with the club before linking with the Eels in 2018. Ultimately, Ivan Cleary will make the final decision – but Moses has handled himself with class since announcing he would be leaving the club. That’s made it even harder for Cleary to let him go. If he had chucked his toys out of the cot, he would already be gone.

Call for salary cap top up

???A few eyebrows were raised last week at the news Penrith had re-signed Dean Whare for another five seasons, given almost every player has been secured for 2018 and beyond. The Panthers have built their roster for next season budgeting for a $9 million salary cap.

While the initial proposal by the NRL is well short at $8.3m, it’s expected that will rise after negotiations. Given the uncertainty around the cap for next season, Panthers boss Brian Fletcher has proposed an idea that will prohibit clubs from being sanctioned for minor breaches of the salary cap next year. Fletcher said clubs should be allowed to spend up to $300,000 of their own money on top of the cap to compensate for the NRL’s lack of clarity.

Maintaining standards

Penrith coach Anthony Griffin is standing by his decision to drop Matt Moylan, Peta Hiku and Waqa Blake to NSW Cup for breaching the club’s protocols despite losing to South Sydney on Friday night. There has been some confusion over the severity of their indiscretion, but it was as simple as the players going out when they had been told to stay at the team hotel.

The Panthers organised a room for the players in which they were allowed to drink, but the trio disobeyed instructions and left the team hotel. Griffin’s punishment had the potential to upset his skipper, but he insists that never entered his thinking.

“I don’t think that was ever going to happen. They’re good people,” Griffin said. “At times in footy clubs you are going to go through periods where you make decisions to make sure your standard are correct. Everyone is going to have an opinion on if that’s right or wrong but in our club everyone is on board with the direction we want to go.”???

Payten still welcome

???Todd Payten, the man overlooked for the Tigers head coaching job because of the way he departed the joint venture, was invited to a Tigers members function in Townsville on the eve of their clash with the Cowboys.

Payten, who is now an assistant to Paul Green at the Cowboys, was an early contender to replace the sacked Jason Taylor but the club quickly put a line through his name because of an internal perception that he contributed to the demise of Mick Potter.

However he was still happy to join John Skandalis to talk to club members while Ivan Cleary was having dinner with the Tigers players in the room next door.

A timely hug?

The photos of Tigers chair Marina Go hugging the players after the win against the Cowboys in Townsville was misconstrued as a last gasp effort to keep Aaron Woods and James Tedesco in Tiger town. However it wasn’t a calculated show of affection. Go regularly greets her players with a hug after games. It was just timely she was snapped doing so after one the most tumultuous weeks in the club’s history.


This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

15 August
Comments Off on Church erects crucified refugee statues

Church erects crucified refugee statues

Church erects crucified refugee statues Picture: DARREN HOWE
Nanjing Night Net








The cathedral’sdean, John Roundhill,said he was expected the artwork to shock Bendigonians but believed it was his cathedral’s duty to advocate on behalf of those less fortunate, including refugees.

“Our hope is that it raises awareness and people understand there is a deep, deep connection between the issues currently besetting out worldand the Christian story,” Mr Roundhill said.

“For many of us, Easter has become a time of chocolatebunnies and eggs,butthere’s another story: the crucifixion of a Jewish man on the cross.”

Deterrenceis the work of Melbourne reverend John Tansey, who first erected them outside his St Kilda parish for Easter in 2014.

“The work reflects on the way the cross was used in the past as a toolfor political experience, fear and intimidation and the way Australian governments are continuing to treat men, women and children refugees in offshore detention centres,” a note beside the artwork explained.

Their installation in Bendigo is not St Paul’s first foray into the political commentary.

A banner welcoming refugees to its congregation has been stolen twice.

A statue of pioneer James Cook that stands inside the St Paul’s grounds has previously been dressed in rainbow attire for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, as well as a raincoat and flippers to lament global warming.

Young People for Refugees founder Tayla Hansen welcomed the sculptures’ appearance, saying they were “eye catching and perhaps even daunting.”

“But if that is what has to happen for people to take notice and pay attention to what our government is using as a “deterrence” then so be it,” Ms Hansen said.

15 August
Comments Off on ‘Like learning the telephone book’: the reading challenge for schools

‘Like learning the telephone book’: the reading challenge for schools

When a child reading a sentence comes across a word they don’t know, their eyes either linger on it or quickly move on to the next word.
Nanjing Night Net

“They either sound out c-a-t or they just move on,” said Professor Anne Castles, who is leading a Macquarie University program that uses brain-imaging technology to map how children learn to read.

Conversely, it’s brighter children who are more likely to speed along through sentences because they are better at memorising words.

But these students tend to suffer down the track, according to UK Schools Minister Nick Gibb, who has overseen the administration of phonics tests to year 1 students that Australia is set to adopt.

“These children memorise stories and think they can read and they go on for a long time before teachers realise they actually can’t,” Mr Gibb said.

“They could be eight or nine by that time.”

Mr Gibb is in Australia to compare education systems and joined NSW Department of Education secretary, Mark Scott, and Education Minister Rob Stokes at a public event on Tuesday night to discuss policy.

Professor Castles pointed to the technology used by the university’s Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders and her research in the area over the past decade as evidence in favour of a phonics check, which forms part of a suite of education reforms that are being considered by the Turnbull government.

“When a child first comes to school, they have thousands of spoken words,” Professor Castles said.

“What they have to learn is how to crack the code, how to match letters to the words they know.

“If you don’t have phonics, learning to read is like learning the telephone book. You can only learn so many words.”

Professor Castles said introducing phonics testing in schools would force teachers across the country to adopt the technique, improving the reading success of all schools.

“We’ll see the effects of it quite quickly,” she said.

Education research fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies, Jennifer Buckingham, who is a leading advocate of phonics, said the verdict on the reading technique was in and classrooms need to catch up.

“Why is there this persistent disconnect between extremely valuable research and classroom practice?” she said.

“It’s a little thing, but one that’s really important in learning to read.”

Ms Buckingham is part of a panel of six principals, teachers and academics who will make recommendations to the government around the implementation of national reading, phonics and numeracy checks for year 1 students by the end of the month.

The phonics check aims to identify struggling students early and will be based on the UK model of a five-seven minute test in which students are asked to read aloud 40 real and made-up words.

However, the checks have proven controversial among teachers, with the NSW Teachers Federation describing it as “anti-teacher”.

President of the Australian Education Union Correna Haythorpe said: “Schools already have assessment processes in place for students when they start school to determine who needs extra support with literacy.

“An extra test is not necessary and will not make a difference to a child’s learning without the extra resources to help students who are behind.”

Education Minister Simon Birmingham earlier this year said billions of dollars in federal education funding would be tied to the implementation of the reforms.

The move towards the new checks follows Australia’s stagnating results in NAPLAN reading, writing and numeracy tests and declining performance in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

15 August
Comments Off on Google pulls out of Bays Precinct

Google pulls out of Bays Precinct

Tech giant Google has pulled out of plans to base its headquarters at a repurposed White Bay power station in Sydney’s inner west, delivering a major blow to the state government’s aim to convert the area into a technology hub.
Nanjing Night Net

The failure to provide public transport upgrades to the Bays Precinct in Rozelle was cited as a reason for Google’s decision to withdraw from negotiations.

“Ultimately, the complexity of the project and the timing of associated transport infrastructure could not meet Google’s requirements at this time,” the NSW government said on Tuesday.

A Google spokesman said the company had “mutually agreed” with government developer UrbanGrowth NSW to abandon talks of relocating its operations from Pyrmont to Rozelle, but said it remained committed to finding “an alternative long-term home here in Sydney”.

Google’s decision comes two years after former chief executive of Urban Growth David Pitchford warned the project would be a “disaster” without major new transport infrastructure.

“In the Bays, there is nowhere near the transport infrastructure that needs to be there,” Mr Pitchford said in a 2015 interview with the NSW chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Mr Pitchford left UrbanGrowth in December. The state government has said it would build a metro rail line with a stop around the Bays, but that project remains a decade away.

The failure to secure Google as a key leaseholder for the White Bay station underlines the difficulty of the task faced by UrbanGrowth at the Bays Precinct.

UrbanGrowth angered property companies last year when it rejected 13 tenders to develop the site, including one submitted by Google as part of a consortium, because they all included too much housing development.

Last month UrbanGrowth was split in two, retaining an inner-city development arm that reports to the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, but losing control of fringe land release agency Landcom.

The government confirmed on Tuesday it remained committed to converting the White Bay Power Station into a technology hub as part of the 95-hectare Bays Precinct redevelopment, which it described as “one of the largest urban transformation projects in the world”.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

15 August
Comments Off on Australian Census: ‘Typical’ Indigenous profile a 23-year-old woman

Australian Census: ‘Typical’ Indigenous profile a 23-year-old woman

The ‘typical’ Indigenous Australian, according to data from last year’s census, is a 23-year-old woman.
Nanjing Night Net

It is 15 years younger than the age of a ‘typical’ white Australian.

The census snapshot was able to give a far more detailed profiled of a non-Indigenous ‘typical’ Australian. She was a 38-year-old woman who has two kids and is married, with a three-bedroom home and two cars. She finished year 12. Both her parents were born in Australia. She speaks English at home.

“This ‘typical’ Australian, whatever that means, does not reflect in any way my life,” says Melbourne curator Kimberley Moulton, a Yorta Yorta woman originally from Shepparton.

“It reads to me as an Anglo-privileged ideology of who we are and of what we should aim for as a society, which for the most part is unattainable with the current rates of disadvantage for many people.”

Anjee-Lee Solomon, meanwhile, works in Aboriginal schooling. She has three kids, and a husband, and even a three-bedroom house with a mortgage. She is a Ngarigo Monero woman from the border-country between Victoria and New South Wales. She lives in Bundoora.

`”I have been involved in Aboriginal community matters all my life,” she says, “and the fact that life expectancy is so much shorter than white Australia is something I’ve known for a long time.”

She says since 2012 she has noticed a lot more Aboriginal teenagers finishing year 12 and going to university. In 2009, for example, only 255 students in the state finished year 12. Last year it was almost double that.

“There is more support now and a better system in most schools for Koori students,” she says.

Her sister is a radiologist. Her cousin is a doctor. “Uni is more of a goal now. When I was in school it was like ‘meh.'”

Also, she says, more of her community are borrowing money to buy homes, in both Melbourne and regional Victoria. And she says Aboriginal families are having lots of children – “an average of three I would say,” she says.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

03 August
Comments Off on More than 100 Kambala teachers signed no-confidence motion in principal

More than 100 Kambala teachers signed no-confidence motion in principal

More than 100 teachers at the elite Sydney girls’ school, Kambala, signed a motion of no confidence in the former principal, Debra Kelliher, and scores of parents urged the school council to take action before Ms Kelliher resigned on the first day of the school holidays.
Nanjing Night Net

The school council, headed by prominent businesswoman Sally Herman, wrote to parents on Monday to tell them Ms Kelliher had resigned effective immediately after doing a “wonderful job” at the Rose Bay school during her 3?? year tenure.

But parents and teachers who have contacted Fairfax Media said they were “appalled” by the glowing statement from Ms Herman and said it was “grossly inaccurate” to suggest Ms Kelliher had performed well at the school.

In a letter from the Kambala Parents’ Association circulated among families last week, parents were urged to contact Ms Herman with their concerns.

The letter said the school had lost 135 staff members in three years and the “gross unhappiness of the majority of the staff” meant many more were planning to leave.

“All of these people have put their careers and livelihoods on the line in an effort to be heard,” the letter, dated April 7, said. “Surely it is an embarrassment to all of us in the community that Kambala treats its most prized asset, its teachers, so appallingly that they felt the need to do so. More embarrassing still if nothing is done to rectify the situation immediately.”

It is understood the school disputes that the level of staff turnover is excessive and maintains it is lower in 2016 than the average turnover for independent schools.

A former teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, said Kambala had been a “fun, supportive place to work”.

Another teacher who is still at the school said some staff “lived in fear of losing their job”.

Fairfax Media has attempted to contact Ms Kelliher and Ms Herman has been asked to respond to the claims.

One of the parents who contacted Fairfax Media said there was intimidation and bullying at the school but the teachers were prepared to take a stand.

“Through their actions, the teachers have taught the students to speak the truth and to stand up for what’s right. The parents are extremely grateful to the dedicated staff of Kambala who have have put the wellbeing of their students above their own interests,'” the parent said.

“What the council has done in sending that statement is an absolute travesty because there have been really long-serving teachers who have left the school because of the principal and the council still planned to keep her.”

While many parents have been angered by the treatment of teachers, one parent told Fairfax Media that some parents had been “shocked” to hear that Ms Kelliher was unpopular.

“It’s very surprising to all the parents we know both in the junior school and senior school as they are very pleased with the principal and the changes she has made, as well as massive improvements in HSC results under her leadership,” the parent said.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

03 August
Comments Off on Super healthy, fast and delicious

Super healthy, fast and delicious

Starting today Weekender begins a run of recipes from Margan Restaurant, one of the Australia’s best dining venues. The recipes are inspired by Margan’s “agri-dining”focus. Margan’s base theirmenus around what theyharvest from theirone-acre kitchen garden and orchard to maintain a seasonal focus.
Nanjing Night Net

Margan Restaurant wasrecently awarded gold for “Excellence in Food Tourism”at the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards. The Sydney Morning HeraldGood Food Guide awarded it one hat in its 2017 edition and the adjoining Margan winery, operated by winemaker Andrew Margan, has long beenrated 5 Stars by Halliday’s Wine Companion.

This first recipe comes from Lisa Margan, owner and restaurateur of Margan Restaurant.

The dish: Honey and Thyme roasted Quail with Feta, Quinoa, Cranberry and Pecan Salad to serve four. Picture: Dominique Cherry

Recipe creator: Lisa Margan

The DishHoney and Thyme roasted Quail with Feta, Quinoa, Cranberry and Pecan Salad

Serves 4.

IntroductionThis dish is bright, colourful and most of it can be prepared in advance so is a great one for entertaining. It works equally well for a fast and nutritious home-cooked meal with the superfood powers of pomegranate, cranberry and quinoa and honey. We have our own hives at Margan so love to use our own honey.

Ingredients4 quails deboned and butterflied

10 sprigs of thyme (picked)

4 tbls honey

Cracked black pepper

Flaked sea salt

MethodPre-heat oven to 220 degrees on grill.

Season each quail skin side and flesh side with generous salt and pepper.

Place quails on baking tray skin side up and brush with honey and sprinkle picked thyme.

Place in oven and roast for 5 minutes or until the skin is slightly blackened and flesh is still pinkish.

Remove and place on cutting board and allow to rest for five minutes.

Cut the quail in quarters, separating the two breasts and marylands.

For the SaladIngredients

¼ cup toasted pepita seed

½ cup feta (cubed)

1 cup cooked quinoa

500g mixed leaf lettuce

¼ cup diced cranberries

Dressing ingredients

¼ cup Pomegranate molasses

½ cup Chardonnay vinegar

½ cup Vegetable oil

Pinch of salt

MethodAdd the molasses, oil and vinegar to a mixing bowl and whisk until combined.

Check taste and adjust as you like then season with salt and put aside.

Combine all ingredients to a big bunch of salad, toss to combine. Dress with as much dressing as you like, serve.

Margan Restaurant, 1238 Milbrodale Road, Broke, NSW. Tel: 6579 1317. margan南京夜网419论坛 The venue: Margan Restaurant

03 August
Comments Off on RUPA backs threats of legal action against ARU by Force and Rebels

RUPA backs threats of legal action against ARU by Force and Rebels

The Rugby Union Players’ Association has backed plans by the Western Force and Melbourne Rebels to take legal action against the Australian Rugby Union.
Nanjing Night Net

Rugby Western Australia has served the ARU with a writ, informing the game’s governing body of intention to take out an injunction against plans to revoke the Force’s Super Rugby licence.

The Western Force say there is an “alliance agreement” which states they should remain in Super Rugby until the end of the broadcast deal in 2020.

Force chief executive Mark Sinderberry told Fairfax Media there was “communication at chairman level” between the Force and ARU about the legal action and added that it had “ensured our right to be heard”.

With the Rebels indicating they were prepared to go down the same avenue, it has created a double-edged sword for the ARU, who now need to explore their options as they prepare to cut one franchise from Super Rugby in 2018.

RUPA chief executive Ross Xenos said he could understand why clubs were fighting for their lives knowing one of them could cease to exist following SANZAAR’s move to a 15-team competition next year.

“We don’t begrudge the clubs for taking the [legal] action they have because their actions show their commitment to the competition and why for so long RUPA has advocated for the retention of five teams,” Xenos said. “When teams engage in legal action, that places the time frames of the ARU process into another sphere of uncertainty. Both teams are considering all options they have available to them to retain their place in Super Rugby.

“It does feel like the Force feel they have a strong case and so long as they are prepared to mount a challenge to any prospective decision, that casts the entire process into another shadow just when we thought that there was greater transparency and resolution not too far away.”

Rugby WA president Hans Sauer said he was confident the ARU was in breach of this “alliance agreement” and described the thought of the Force being cut as “the most disgusting decision that could ever come out”.

“We had a meeting yesterday [Monday] afternoon when Rob Clarke, COO [chief operating officer] of the ARU came through and prefaced the meeting to say it was in good faith,” Sauer told Macquarie Radio. “He then yet went onto say that some of the financials they could not share with us because it was confidence, so immediately we saw that as a breach of that condition.

“We have an alliance agreement with the ARU ??? and that alliance agreement clearly states that we are through to the end of the current broadcast term.

“We believe they are in breach of that alliance agreement because there was nothing in it to say we would be cut from the Australian grouping which I have to say is the most disgusting decision that could ever come out.”

Sinderberry said some of the measurements used by the ARU to differentiate them from the Melbourne Rebels were “totally unfair” and said they were within their rights to launch legal action.

“As an organisation in August last year, we agreed in good faith [with the ARU] that rugby would continue in Western Australia,” Sinderberry said. “We’ve asked the ARU – we believe it’s in the public’s interest – to release that public information so that we can go into the detail about it. There are a number of responsibilities on both sides to ensure the game continues here in Western Australia.

“That was fundamentally what was behind taking up the writ on Monday night and issuing that. It then provides us the opportunity to injunct any further decision.

“This is a fight we should have and continue and I don’t think anyone in Australian rugby would feel opposed to that process. People are passionate. This is their sport, this is their town, this is their community.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

03 August
Comments Off on Message in bottle washes up 1600km later

Message in bottle washes up 1600km later

Message in bottle washes up 1600km later The bottland Dan and Steph Mulheron with their daughter Emmy.
Nanjing Night Net

The message on the bottle from Bermagui that went viral after Dan and Steph Mulheron found it on Fraser Island, posting it on their Facebook page.

Dan and Steph Mulheron were the winners of My Kitchen Rules in 2013. They are owners of EAT at Dan & Steph’s eatery in Hervey Bay and proud parents to the gorgeous Emmy.

TweetFacebookA message in a bottle let go from Bermagui, found on Fraser Island two years laterby a couple of former reality television stars, has almost grown a life of its own.

Dan and StephMulheron were the winners of My Kitchen Rules in 2013. They are owners of EAT at Dan & Steph’s eatery in Hervey Bay and proud parents to the gorgeous Emmy.

On their Facebook page –Dan Steph &Emmy –they posted they had made an unusual find of a message in bottle on the weekend while visiting Fraser Island.

“On our trip to Fraser Island we came across a bottle laying in the middle of the beach just past the Maheno ship wreck,” they posted. “I jokingly said ‘message in a bottle’ Dan turned around to check.”

They opened it that night to find it wasa message dated March 2015, from a Melbourne fisherman named Kevin Cute, who placed it into the sea 16km off Bermagui.

The Mulherons now want to get into contact with Mr Cute.

“We just want to tell him we found it andshow him how far andlong it travelled,” they posted, adding that theyhadn’tstopped singing the song “Message in a bottle”for twodays.

Their Facebook post about their bottle find now has 12,000 likes, more than 670 comments and more than 4000 shares.

One comment from Aimee White stated Mr Cute was is a friend of hersfrom Melbourne atPatterson Lakes and her father was going to try and contact him.

To which Dan Steph & Emmy replied;“No way Aimee!! So amazing tell Kevin to touch base with us.”

Staff at the Bermagui tackle shop said they had not heard ofa Mr Cute and also were unsure how the bottle went against the predominantly south flowing East Australian Current to get from Bermagui to Fraser Island.

Narooma News

03 August
Comments Off on North Korea tensions: Reports of Chinese troops on border

North Korea tensions: Reports of Chinese troops on border

Beijing: China and South Korea have agreed to take new measures against North Korea if the rogue state conducts another nuclear or intercontinental missile test, Chinese media has reported.
Nanjing Night Net

As concern mounts that North Korea will use a national commemoration on Saturday to conduct its sixth nuclear test, claims the Chinese army has amassed 150,000 troops including medical teams on the border with North Korea have been repeated on the front page of China’s state-owned Global Times newspaper.

North Korea’s Supreme People’s Congress began its annual sitting on Tuesday, and there is speculation a nuclear plan will be unveiled ahead of April 15, the birthday anniversary of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung.

North Korea’s daily newspaper warned on Tuesday: “Pre-emptive strike is not an American monopoly”.

North Korea’s newspaper, the Rodong Sinmun, on Tuesday carried a front page message of congratulations from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Kim Jong-un, on his fifth anniversary as Supreme Leader.

His sister, Kim Yo-jong, emerged publicly for the first time in nine months on Monday and was photographed with members of the Congress laying floral tributes at a statue of Kim Il-sung, her grandfather.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman on Monday said she was “not aware” of the South Korean reports of a Chinese troop build-up.

But the Global Times said the reports were being widely circulated, and cited South Korean diplomats as saying that while the claims may be slightly exaggerated, it was true that military drills were conducted in the border area.

The People’s Liberation Army has recently expressed concern that northern Chinese towns were at risk of nuclear pollution from North Korea’s tests, and said that contamination would not be tolerated.

China’s nuclear envoy Wu Dawei met with his South Korean counterpart Kim Hong-kyun in Seoul to discuss the North Korean crisis.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported the two sides had agreed that if North Korea conducts another nuclear test or missile launch, China and South Korea will carry out any future United Nations Security Council resolutions that are passed.

China’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment. On Friday the Chinese government ordered Chinese trading companies to return North Korean coal cargos, to comply with UN sanctions.

South Korea’s Defence Ministry confirmed the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson had arrived in Korean waters in preparation for a response to a possible nuclear test.

But China has reportedly told the United States and Korea that they need to address North Korea’s “security concerns” and sanctions are not enough to achieve denuclearisation.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told American media on Sunday that Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed that the situation on the Korean peninsula had intensified and action needed to be taken.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Mr Xi and US President Donald Trump had agreed to maintain “close communication and cooperation on the issue”. “All relevant parties should exercise restraint and avoid activities that may escalate the tension,” she said on Monday:

The North Korean newspaper reported that the United States had pinned its hopes on a pre-emptive strike to make up for the failure of its Korea policy.

“There is something the US [should] realise, which is pre-emptive strike is not an American monopoly,” the report read.

“Our armed force is ready for any means of invasion.”

– with Sanghee Liu

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.