Socialite Kirsty Dayment taken into custody ahead of sentencing

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Eastern suburbs socialite turned drug dealer Kirsty Dayment??? took off her jewellery, surrendered her designer handbag, and blew a kiss to her family.


Then she followed two Corrective Services officers down to the cells at the Downing Centre.

Judge Sarah Huggett??? revoked Dayment’s bail in the NSW District Court on Tuesday, after giving her lawyers time over the weekend to discuss an element of one of the drug charges against her.

Dayment, 35, has pleaded guilty to supplying 85 grams of cocaine, supplying a smaller quantity of an illicit drug, and knowingly take part in supplying a large commercial quantity of MDMA???.

Her barrister April Francis told the court there was evidence Dayment was actively trying to leave the Coogee apartment she shared with her boyfriend and co-offender Nicholas Riganias??? at the time of her arrest.

Her role in the MDMA supply charge is only her knowledge of the drug being stored in the apartment, the court heard.

But Judge Huggett noted Dayment’s fingerprints were found on the drug packaging, describing hers as a “fairly vital role in the supply”.

In written sentencing submissions for Dayment, barrister Ian Lloyd, QC, said her offending was less serious “given the offender appears to have been acting at the behest of her boyfriend, the co-offender Riganias”.???

???Mr Lloyd wrote that Dayment was of previous good character, and that the 61 days in custody after her arrest had taught her a “timely and salutary lesson”.

He said Dayment was not motivated by personal greed.

“Rather, her motives appear to be repaying debt from a failed business and also pleasing a new partner after fleeing from an abusive domestic relationship.”

Dayment was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder at the time of the crimes, Mr Lloyd said.

“The submission is that the offender is very much at a cross roads in her life, having spent some time in custody prior to being bailed.

“She is now moving towards a total rehabilitation.”

Mr Lloyd had argued that Dayment be sentenced to an intensive corrections order – a form of house arrest – at a hearing in March, noting she was three months pregnant.

Judge Huggett quickly rejected that submission and said Dayment would have to give birth in custody.

But last week the court heard Dayment had a miscarriage, and the judge said she would consider that upon sentencing.

Police stormed Riganias’ and Dayment’s apartment on Arden Street, Coogee, in July 2015 after a six-month investigation into drug supply in the eastern suburbs.

Riganias has pleaded guilty to a range of drug offences, including supplying 1.36 kilograms of MDMA???.

He now works as a sweeper in custody, court documents said.

The couple will be sentenced later this month.

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